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Washington United Terminals, Entry Gate - Tacoma, Washington

As a result of the Department of Homeland Security mandates for improved screening and site control of major waterfront facilities, Sitts & Hills Engineers, Inc. was retained as the Prime consultant for approximately $1.5M of site hardening improvements at the WUT facility in the Port of Tacoma. Key elements to the project included, separation of POV from Commercial traffic, use of standoff distances around inspection areas, remote inspection via bridge mounted and undercarriage camera’s. In meeting the clients’ requirements to minimize security staff increases to comply with the mandate, project included remote communication stands with electronic ID scanners, printer/fax machines for document publication.

Gate Facility is currently staffed with 2 guards per shift and handles up to 60 trucks per hour. “Guard shack” is a high tech nerve center that not only provides gate control but has secure data, total site communications, CCTV feed for entire 35 acre site and provides temporary and permanent badging services. Redundant access to the security system was provided to the main site office facility along with all shipping control information.

Civil Site improvements utilized speed bumps and sharp (90 deg) turning movements immediately prior to site entry to limit speeds of trucks and POVs. Site access control system utilized concrete barriers, steel bollards, redundant fencing and gates along with other physical methods integrated into a seamless controlled perimeter.