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Trinity Ridge Estates - Gig Harbor, Washington

Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc. was hired to provide Civil Engineering services for the Trinity Ridge Estates subdivision which consisted of 30 Single Family Residential units on approximately 30.7 acres.

The project is located off 74th Street NW near Gig Harbor, Washington and at the original time of application, the property zoning was considered to be “Rural Basic Environment” and “Residential Environment”.

Because public water was available to the site, the existing water well was decommissioned (per the Health Dept. Regulations) and a new waterline was constructed to the site. Each lot was designed with individual on-site septic systems, which allowed the maximum use of site space while disturbing the minimum number of existing trees.

There were three separate stormwater systems at the site. Each system had its own conveyance pipe, infiltration pond and biofiltration swale. In addition, Biofilters were located on-site to remove the pollutants generated from site traffic prior to conveying the clean water to the nearest infiltration pond.

The final public ground cover areas were replanted with grass, trees and landscape features.

Sitts & Hill was also hired to provide the documents necessary to obtain the gate permit. This involved designing the roadway to allow emergency vehicles to access the site for width and turning radius as well as having the standard lock box to enable emergency staff to access the site.