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South 56th Street/Cirque Drive

Sitts & Hill was selected by the Cities of University Place and Tacoma in early 2014 to complete five miles of full width right-of-way mapping along the South 56th Street – Cirque Drive corridor, to support grind and overlays, ADA improvements, and channelization revisions.  This Lump Sum contract was completed under a Local Agency Standard Consultant Agreement in accordance with the WSDOT LAG Manual. 

Our surveying services related to this project were as follows:

  • Establishment of horizontal and vertical datums in accordance with both cities’ requirements.
  • Right-of-way determination throughout five mile 56th/Cirque corridor, as well as over 50 cross streets
  • 1’ contour interval topographic mapping of full right-of-way width along entire corridor, which included the following:
    • All observable Surface features (curbs, sidewalks, edge of pavement, concrete and gravel, trees, signs, poles, channelization, fences, mailboxes, etc.)
    • Detailed measurement and depiction of ADA facilities
  • Underground utility research and mapping utilizing surface evidence, locate services, and all available records.  Utility locate effort was phased to ensure that the markings were captured in a timely and efficient manner.  Sitts & Hill mined City of Tacoma GIS to supplement underground utility mapping.
  • Hard copy and electronic deliverables were provided to each city.  Electronic deliverables were provided to each city in their own unique CAD standard, which included ensuring Civil3D 2014 compatibility with older versions of AutoCAD.  Civil 3D templates were created for each city, which encompassed all of their standard linetypes, layering conventions, symbology, fonts and hatches.