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Richmond Beach Estates - Gig Harbor, Washington

Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc. was hired to design the subdivision access in support of the new 11-site housing development in Gig Harbor, Washington. We provided surveys, site design, details, plans and specifications, bidding, construction support and contract administration for the private road improvements which enhanced both the vehicular and pedestrian access to the site. In addition, we calculated the maximum house area size that the available septic area could support. Once the geotechnical engineer determined the site’s soil type, we calculated the bed area required for the storm system as well as designed the system to prevent erosion to the existing bank.

A significant issue with the private roadway improvements was working with the steep slopes and neighboring community to minimize the negative impacts on the adjacent residences, while still providing safe access to the site. This resulted in shifting the roadway alignment in some areas to avoid encroaching on the existing residences and simultaneously reducing the proposed lane width to stay within the right-of-way. These accommodations were made based on input from community meetings and negotiations with Pierce County review staff, in conjunction with the owner’s representative. The runoff from the development was treated on-site and then discharged to the Puget Sound via a dispersion pipe.