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Port of Tacoma, Parcel 14 - Tacoma, Washington

The Port of Tacoma awarded Sitts & Hill Engineers the contract to perform a multitude of surveying services on the 100+ acre property in support of proposed design and development.  Parcel 14 is comprised of dozens of parcels acquired by the Port in the 1950's.  The complex boundary survey completed by Sitts & Hill involved interpretation of the legal descriptions contained in the many vesting documents.  A topographic survey of the entire site, as well as all adjacent right of ways, was completed on an aggressive schedule within budget.  Geotechnical exploration sites, OHWM determinations and easements were mapped, in addition to all improvements and terrain sufficient to produce 1' contour interval mapping.  Underground utilities were mapped using a combination of utility locates and extensive research of all available records.  Sitts & Hill provided deliverables in the preferred format of the external design team while strictly adhering to the Port of Tacoma's CAD standards.

Immediately following the topographic mapping and boundary surveying effort, Sitts & Hill was authorized to complete extensive research of public and private records related to Parcel 14 and the Fife Ditch, culminating in an ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey of the entire parcel.  Our research uncovered several easements and encumbrances that were not previously known.  Many of those easements have been released or modified through collaboration with title companies and Port legal staff, which has further enhanced the development potential of the site.

In addition to the above, Sitts & Hill completed the following:

  • Legal description preparation and review
  • WSDOT plan review and coordination for SR167
  • City of Fife Boundary Line Adjustment

"The Port of Tacoma recently contracted with Sitts and Hill Engineering to complete a Topographic and Boundary Survey on a large Port property.  This survey was later expanded to include an ALTA Survey in advance of a land lease.  Sitts and Hill and their team have completed a detailed and comprehensive layout and analysis of the site and through discussions with adjacent property owners and agencies have been able to clarify and correct a number of inconsistencies and incorrectly documented items allowing the Port to clear up potential property disputes along its boundaries and to support the future land lease with a clear Plat Certificate.  The Port has been extremely pleased with the effort and responsiveness of the Sitts and Hill team and would both recommend their services to others and look forward to working with them in the future." Dave Myers, Engineering Project Manager, Port of Tacoma