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Port of Tacoma Intermodal Yard - Tacoma, Washington

The first project increment consisted of replacing a deteriorated pavement area, measuring approximately 550 feet long by 100 feet wide around tracks 1, 2 and 3. Terminal operations desired the flexibility in this area to cross the tracks as well as run down the tracks, so the layout was adjusted to accommodate this activity. The scope of work involved some minor re-grading to accommodate and improve the operations. There were a number of local spot pavement repairs throughout the yard. The existing asphalt concrete was removed and replaced with cement concrete pavement.

A subsequent phase included repairs for an expanded area and removal of existing asphalt concrete in areas that were replaced with cement concrete pavement. The project was located between the North Middle Crossing and the North End crossing, measuring approximately 700 feet long by 300 feet wide around tracks 1 - 8. Our scope of services included investigation of existing conditions, development of repair solutions, preparation of plans, details, specifications and cost estimates, and support during construction.