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Petersen Brothers Sumner Industrial Development - Sumner, Washington

Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc. has been providing engineering design services in the Sumner Industrial Area for Petersen Brothers, Inc., on properties totaling 20 acres. The work has included site surveying, evaluation, and preparation of environmental documents in anticipation of development, plus over-excavation and filling of some parcels for owner development or for speculation and sale. Sitts & Hill Engineers has continuously worked with the owner and their agents to provide levels of service appropriate to the Owner’s needs for different parcels in and around the SR167 24th Street East Interchange north of Sumner.

Most recently we prepared environmental documents and grade and fill plans for a 6.5 acre parcel south of 24th Street East adjacent to Highway 167. This parcel has been graded and filled and is ready for development. All storm drainage facilities have been constructed in coordination with the City of Sumner so that when the property is developed it will have minimal site development challenges. Other parcels for which Sitts & Hill has provided surveying, planning and design services include 24th Street North and East Business Parks, containing a total of 13 pre-engineered metal buildings owned and leased to a variety of tenants by the Petersen’s. That project also included design, approvals and construction support for a quarter-mile of new City of Sumner street and utility improvements.

We have coordinated with our client to provide the level of services appropriate to the owner’s immediate needs and long-range goals for each property, maintaining the flexibility for site development, future leasing or sale.