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North Mason High School, All Phases - Belfair, Washington

Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc. is providing survey and civil engineering services for the redevelopment of ~65 acres of North Mason School District’s existing 120-acre shared campus. Of the various proposed improvements, the school district has completed construction of a new high school, installation of the new James A. Taylor High School, renovation of the existing high school into the new Hawkins Middle School, demolition of the existing middle school and site improvements to support renovation of the existing high school annex building for administrative use. A new student and faculty parking lot is actively under construction and we are in the design phase for the renovation of the existing multi-use sports stadium.
Sitts & Hill completed a comprehensive boundary and topographic survey of over 65 acres of the main campus, including the depiction of all easements of record. Underground utility research and mapping utilizing surface evidence, locate services, and all available records was completed. 
New High School:
Sitts & Hill worked directly with North Mason School District and the architectural, electrical, mechanical, sanitation, and landscape design team members, to produce coordinated design documents in support of a new two-story, 111,600 SF high school. Site improvements included the installation of synthetic turf and a multi-purpose sports field; replacement of an existing driveway to serve as the new site access equipped with Emergency Vehicle Accessibility; a detached greenhouse, service yard, future and portable lay down area; utility extensions, which included fire main, domestic water, site well force main, septic, gas, power and communications. While subsurface explorations were being conducted, a substantial amount of unsatisfactory soils were found beneath the proposed location of the high school. To supplement the existing aggressive construction schedule, which allowed school to be ready by the Fall of 2015, a separate early-start/site preparation package was developed. This created opportunity for the removal of all existing site features, vegetation stripping, unsatisfactory sub-soil removal, establishing erosion and sedimentation facilities for construction stormwater, and miscellaneous utility installation in anticipation of construction for the new high school.
New James A. Taylor High School (formerly known as PACE Academy):
As the high school was being constructed, Sitts & Hill worked with the School District and the Design Team to coordinate the installation of an independent, alternative high school: James A. Taylor High School. The PACE Academy was located adjacent to the new high school access road and shared utilities, which required additional coordination between both the high school contractor and the separate PACE Academy contractor.
Hawkins Middle School Renovation:
The primary goals of the Hawkins Middle School Renovation were:

  • Renovate the old high school into the new Hawkins Middle School
  • Demolish the existing middle school and construct a new student and faculty parking lot

A notable milestone for the Design Team in the Hawkins Middle School Project was to complete renovation of the existing high school by January of 2017, in order to successfully relocate middle school operations into the new middle school over winter break. The remaining site work, including the demolition of the old middle school, was to be completed in the summer of 2017. Sitts & Hill worked through available record drawing information and conducted thorough site inspections in order to incorporate new utility infrastructure where required and to utilize existing utility elements in a manner to minimize costs and utility conflicts, where feasible.
Low impact stormwater design was incorporated into each project. Enhanced water quality features were utilized through the use of bio-retention facilities and a soil-amended filter strip for the new and replaced impervious surfaces. Where practical, both above and below ground infiltration facilities were installed to manage stormwater.
Each project included permitting of submittal through Mason County) and construction documents consisting of separate technical specifications, erosion and sedimentation control plans, site surfacing and layout plans, grading and drainage plans, and site utility plans. In addition, Sitts & Hill assisted North Mason School District in the preparation of the SEPA checklist and an NPDES Permit for all phases of work. As part of the construction process, Sitts & Hill provided construction services including assistance with bidding, RFI’s, review of product submittals/shop drawings and site inspections during construction.

Sitts & Hill is actively working with the owner and design team on the renovation of the existing stadium and off-site campus improvements at this time.