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North Crescent Estates - Gig Harbor, Washington

North Crescent Lake estates was an approved 52-lot preliminary plat with approved road and storm drainage plans on the north end of Crescent Lake in Pierce County. We quickly assembled a team consisting of a contractor, the developer and Sitts & Hill Engineers. Sitts & Hill performed a feasibility study on the property and the team reviewed the Engineering Plans and suggested improvements. After construction plans werNorth Crescent - 11034 - 4e completed we proceeded to make improvements to give the subdivision a more upscale appearance.

Some of these improvements included changing the road design and appearance. We proposed rolled curb and sidewalks on both sides of the road, and gated entry with larger building footprints without losing lots.

Some of the lots were designed with an on-site storm water infiltration system to handle the stormwater generated from individual roof tops and driveways. Because the water table was high, this type of system would be in conflict with the planned on-site drainfields. We found a way to discharge stormwater from these lots into the drainage system for the plat. Additional storm water quantity and quality facilities needed to be created or enlarging for the planned facilities to account for this additional water.
Sitts & Hill Engineers provided construction management, survey staking for construction, prepared a final plat documents, and staked the boundary, roads and lots. We brought on a competent drainfield designer and were involved in permitting, lot drainage and siting the drainfields.