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Northwest Hangars, Tacoma Narrows Airport - Gig Harbor, Washington

Northwest Hangars Inc. of Auburn, Washington engaged Sitts & Hill Engineers to help plan, survey and design a series of new hangars for General Aviation customers at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. These hangars were built and converted to condominiums verses the traditional design, build and rent model that is prevalent at most community airports. By virtue of the condo plat, these hangars are then sold to private individuals and small General Aviation business in the surrounding area.

Coordinating with airport staff for access and the airport tower for movement of vehicles on an active taxiway, Sitts & Hill was able to complete the surveys in a highly efficient manner without the disruption of aircraft movement along the taxiways and tarmac.

Sitts & Hill Engineers, Inc. prepared civil site design and storm drainage plans for the new hangars at the Tacoma Narrows Airport for NW Hangars. The project featured seven structures totaling 172,655 square feet of tee and box hangars. Buildings and associated taxiways resulted in a 100% impervious site on an 8.41 acre leased parcel from the airport. Detention was not required as there is an adequate conveyance system between the site and Puget Sound. Water quality was provided for the parking and driving surfaces by way of a biofiltration swale eye-browed into an existing depression located off the leased site.

Sitts & Hill assisted Northwest Hangars by working with the City of Tacoma in defining the lease boundary of the new hangars, civil design and the topography of the selected site. After design approval Sitts & Hill surveyors provided the construction survey layout and the as-built locations of the new hangars. Following the completion of the hangars, Sitts & Hill prepared the Condominium Plat and worked with Northwest Hangars’ attorney in the preparation of the “Declaration of Condominium Plat” a document which creates the subdivision of the individual units and establishes the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions and includes the provisions for the management of the condominium.