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Lewis Family Housing - Centralia, Washington

Sitts & Hill Engineers provided civil and architectural landscape services for the new Family Housing apartment complex in Centralia, Washington. The complex was being built for low income tenants and the property was located in an area prone to flooding. The intent was to keep as many trees as possible, incorporate the bioswales into a landscape feature, conserve rainwater and reserve an open area for children to play.

The final design incorporated landscaped bio-swales to treat the runoff prior to discharge into the detention system. A cistern was located close to the community/office building to collect rainwater for reuse through the small community garden.

The majority of the play area was located in the lower section of the property which flooded during heavy rain events but would not be used while flooded anyway. As can be seen from the photo, the trees along the steep slope were saved. A walking path, down to the lower level, was placed in such a way as to minimize their disruption. The runoff from the site collects at the top of the path and cascades down large rocks to simulate a natural waterfall and prevent erosion.

Off-site work included the extension of over 500 linear feet of sanitary sewer line with the end manhole elevation deep enough for area developments to join. Additional amenities included widening Cooks Hill road, constructing a new bus turnout lane, and new sidewalk, curb and gutter along the site frontage.