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Millers Narrows Ridge Estates - Tacoma, Washington

Miller’s Narrows Ridge Estates is a parcel of land in the north end of Tacoma that was developed into a 62-lot subdivision. Access originally came of an adjoining Condominium Development called Goldcreek Estates. The preliminary plat had several issues associated with this development that had to be addressed prior to the Public Hearing and approval of the preliminary plat. These challenges included discharge of storm drainage, pumping of sanitary sewer, access being challenged by neighbors and contaminated soils caused by the Asarco Smelter.

The plat was approved by the Tacoma Hearing Examiner but the access was challenged in Superior Court. The court overturned the fact the developer had the rights to use access by way of Goldcreek. A new access was designed and approved through a piece of property owned by the City of Tacoma.

Extensive soil testing work was done to assure the slopes were stable and we knew how deep the soils were contaminated. A report and clean-up plan was established. Tree conservation measures were implemented while still protecting views. Conceptual utility routes and designs were prepared. Topographic survey was performed along with a view survey. Traffic Reports and Wetland Reports were prepared and reviewed by the city of Tacoma.