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Woodrow Wilson High School - Tacoma, Washington

Sitts & Hill was selected to be a part of the A/E team for the Wilson High School Modernization Project.  The Modernization Project is occurring in multiple Phases via several construction contracts. The Phase 1 project scope demolished three existing buildings and replaced them with one new Academic and Administration Building and a new parking lot. The Phase 2 project work scope picks up where the Phase 1 project work terminated. The Phase 2A project scope replaces two existing multipurpose field facilities with two new multipurpose field facilities. The Phase 2B project scope replaces two existing classroom buildings with a new Academic Building, modernizes the existing Gymnasium/Pool Building, replaces the existing Music Building with a new Music Building, and provides off-site street improvements. Phase 2C replaces an existing track and field facility with a new track and field facility.

Sitts & Hill performed surveying and civil engineering services for all Phases of the project including detailed on-site and adjacent off-site road topographic surveying services. Topographic surveying maps were prepared identifying the existing ground features and underground utilities. The maps served as base maps for supporting the project design of building layout, building infills, utility and storm drainage facility designs, and roadway improvement designs including sidewalk ramps for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. This project included boundary line surveying services and identifying easements on or crossing the property to ensure the designer accuracy. 

Sitts & Hill provided a wide range of civil engineering services including preliminary design and feasibility studies for Tacoma School District, team consideration and cost estimates. Specific civil design services included providing civil site grading and drainage design to support project building and field improvements, upgrade existing and provide new parking facility designs, new utility (water, fire and sanitary sewer) designs, new stormwater facility designs (including a stormwater pump station) that comply with current City Stormwater requirements, and detailed off-site roadway designs including numerous intersection ADA ramps. Other services included preparation of construction documents (plans and specifications) for civil demolition, TESC, grading and drainage, utilities and surfacing pavement, curbs, walks and striping) improvements. In addition, civil engineering services for integration of all phased-work and construction contracts to function as one complete project, detailed construction sequencing considerations, project civil on-site and off-site permitting. Construction support services are currently underway and include submittal review, request for information responses, site visits and observations, change proposal evaluations, payment application reviews, punchlist and closeout services.

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