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Aerospace Industry - Western United States

Our industrial group is accustomed to fulfilling roles of prime consultant, lead design professional, construction contract administrator and owner's representative on a variety of projects for The Boeing Company and other customers throughout the United States. Over the last ten years, we have completed hundreds of projects for Boeing at sites located in the Western United States, but primarily focused in the Puget Sound Region. We are familiar with many of the facilities engineering groups, their site specific-protocols, and general Boeing standards for design.

Below are some recent Boeing projects that illustrate our technical capabilities:

Plant Engineering

  • West Jordan Composite Manufacturing Facility (Salt Lake City)Aerospace - 2
  • 787 Vertical Fin Moving Lines (Frederickson and Salt Lake City)
  • Truck Inspection Facility and Guard Gates (Auburn)
  • Mandelli Multi-Axis Milling Machines (Portland)
  • 17-17 Building (Auburn)
  • CTLM Site Preparation / Expansion (Frederickson)
  • Replace Cooling Towers (Frederickson)
  • Relocation of Workshops, Blue Streak, Moonshine Cribs, etc.
  • Fence and Gate Layout Detailing (Auburn)

Structural Engineering

  • 787 Over Wing and Side of Body Test Frame (Development Center)Aerospace - 4
  • Wing Stand Access Stations (Frederickson)
  • Double Plus Chord Fixture Turning Design (Frederickson)
  • Chiller Replacement and New Monorail (Renton)
  • New Antenna and WDPO Monitors (Kent Space Center)
  • Structural Condition Inspection of Tanks (Auburn)
  • Design Tank LIDS and LIP Boards (Auburn)
  • Design New Salt Brine Tank and Material Handling System (Auburn)
  • Design Unit Substation Platforms in Roof Trusses (Multiple building, multiple sites over past ten years)
  • Foundations and Structural Support for Equipment Ranging From Eco-Speeds to Drill Presses, briquetter presses, and high speed milling machines
  • Structural analysis of Vendor Supplied Equipment (Ovens, Paint Booths, Peeners) for obtaining Permits
  • Laser Stand and Scribes foundations
  • Shot Peener Fall protection

Civil Engineering

  • 17-09 Building Emergency Generator Pad Site Preparation (Auburn)Aerospace - 1
  • Prime Power Upgrade Ductbank (North Boeing Field)
  • Fiber Optic Duct Bank Relocation (Auburn)
  • C Street Rail Road Crossing (Auburn)
  • Campus-wide Pavement Rehabilitation (Kent Space Center)
  • Transportation Terminal Paving Expansion (Kent Space Center)
  • West Boulevard Access Intersection (Auburn)
  • Howard Hansen Dam Flood Protection (Kent Space Center)
  • Canyon Road Entrance Signalization Safety Project (Frederickson)
  • Stormwater Improvements (Kent Space Center)
  • Sanitary Sewer Re-Races and Sewer Meter Replacement (Auburn)
  • Perimeter Road Pedestrian Path (Auburn)
  • 9-48 Yard Parking Lot (Developmental Center)
  • 17-68 Turnstile Installation
  • Capital Paving Improvements (Developmental Center)

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